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Dr. Carolin Schreiber
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The manuscripts forming part of library collections are no dull museum exhibits. Quite to the contrary, they are unique, original and tangible source materials for a great number of scholarly disciplines. Therefore, their cataloguing and indexing according to modern standards is a task of paramount importance and is supported with substantial funds by the German Research Foundation. This is done in accordance with the currently applicable cataloguing guidelines (1992).

Cataloguing guidelines (1992)   (PDF 2.6 MB)
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The cataloguing work in Germany is carried out primarily in manuscript cataloguing centers (locations: Berlin, Frankfurt/ Main, Kassel, Leipzig, Munich, Stuttgart, Wolfenbuettel). Through this type of organisation, for which a rather large library with tradition-rich old collections is required, working conditions can be optimised. Here, the librarian can avail himself of the necessary source- and research literature, he is supported by a well-established manuscript department, and he profits from the exchange with colleagues working on the same project.

Corresponding to the historical wealth of manuscripts of the Bavarian libraries, the Manuscript Cataloguing Center at the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek is the largest. Since the establishment of the first permanent post in 1967 and the first DFG project in 1974 its area of responsibility has permanently grown. Numerous catalogues of different libraries, of medieval and modern manuscripts have been compiled in a variety of languages and have thus significantly improved the scope and quality of cataloguing in Bavaria and beyond. The Munich center has taken the leading role in the cataloguing of fragments, the description of illuminated manuscripts and the cataloguing of Greek manuscripts.

The exhibition catalogue "Auf den Spuren des Mittelalters" (Tracing the Middle Ages) documents the long-term work of the Munich Manuscript Cataloguing Center.