In preparation for exhibitions, the exhibits are checked for their condition at the Institute of Conservation and Restoration and get a conservation treatment if necessary. The optimal presentation of a medieval manuscript or a rare printed work requires the manufacture of a precisely fitting and at the same time invisible book cradle that holds the book open or closed and securely with a certain tilt angle. In order to determine the dimensions for the book cradle, the book is dimensioned in exactly the position in which it should be presented on the book cradle. With a dimensioning device and a measuring form, the Institute of Conservation and Restoration has developed special aids with which the exhibition work is effectively supported. The Munich measurement form and a picture of the Munich dimensioning device are available for download.

Munich measurement form  (PDF, 622 KB)
Picture of the Munich dimensioning device  (PDF, 683 KB)

The Bayerische Staatsbibliothek is also an internationally sought-after lender. As couriers, conservators ensure the safe transport of the exhibits and check the borrower's compliance with all conservation requirements such as lighting with a maximum of 50 lux and the optimal climatic conditions to prevent any damage to the exhibits.