Handout on the cataloguing of manuscripts

DFG guidelines  (PDF, 2,6 MB)

Handouts on the cataloguing and digitization of precious book covers

Data entry manual for catalogue entries  (PDF, 78 KB)
Data entry manual for art-historical in-depth cataloguing  (PDF, 363 KB)
Recommendations for digitization  (PDF, 88 KB)

Directions for the further use of the descriptive data of the Semantic Media Wiki Precious Book Covers
Further use of descriptive data

Handouts on the pilot phase manuscript digitization

Overview for manuscript digitization projects (2018) (PDF, 692 KB)

Results of the pilot phase manuscript digitization (2015):
Results of the pilot phase  (PDF, 1,66 MB)
Master plan for digitization  (PDF, 620 KB)

Planning aid for applicants:
Workflow for digitization  (PDF, 645 KB)

Project documentation – for further information on the pilot phase manuscript digitization

Further materials

Book-bindings Database  (EBDB)
Watermark Information System  (WZIS)

Further materials on the website of the manuscript centers
Manuscript centers