Current projects

Bayerische Staatsbibliothek

Manuscripts from Augsburg,
3rd volume, Clm 3831 – 4029.
Supported by DFG. Authors: Dr. Juliane Trede and Dr. Helmut Zäh
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Manuscripts from Freising,
3rd volume, Clm 6473 – 6832 and manuscripts from the "Supplement".
Supported by DFG. Author: Dr. Anja Freckmann
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Manuscripts from St. Emmeram in Regensburg,
5th volume, Clm 14542 – 14690.
Supported by DFG. Author: Dr. Friedrich Helmer and Dr. Julia Knödler
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Manuscripts from the Latin supplement,
Clm 28787 – 28999.
Author: formerly Dr. Brigitte Gullath, currently Dr. Hardo Hilg

Medieval German manuscripts from Cgm 5255 ff.
Author: Dr. Elisabeth Wunderle
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Greek manuscripts,
5th volume, Cod.graec. 266 – 347.
Supported by DFG. Author: Dr. Marina Molin Pradel
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Greek manuscripts,
6th volume, Cod.graec. 348 – 424.
Author: Dr. Kerstin Hajdù

The illuminated manuscripts of French provenance from the 10th to the mid-14th century.
Author: Dr. Ulrike Bauer-Eberhardt
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The illuminated manuscripts of German provenance from the mid-14th to the start of the 15th century.
Author: Dr. Béatrice Hernad

The manuscripts from the monasteries of Altenhohenau and Altomünster (Clm 2901 – 2966, and two volumes of the same provenance from other collections).
Authors: Dr. Anja Freckmann and Dr. Juliane Trede
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Projects of the Department of Manuscripts and Rare Books

Bamberg State Library

Illuminated manuscripts of the Bamberg State Library (13th and 14th century).
Supported by DFG. Author: Dr. Karl-Georg Pfändtner
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