Mario R. Dederichs


Born in Brühl near Cologne in 1949, died in Reinbek near Hamburg in 2003.

1967 to 1969 trainee journalist at the Recklinghäuser Zeitung, 1969 to 1971 member of the editorial staff at the news agency United Press International (UPI) in Frankfurt/Main, 1971 to 1974 parliament reporter in Bonn for the news agency Deutscher Depeschen-Dienst (ddp), 1974 to 1976 chief editor of ddp in London.

1976 to 2003 journalist at the stern, during this period 1976 to 1980 member of the editorial staff in Bonn, 1980 to 1985 member of the editorial staff in Hamburg, 1985 to 1988 foreign correspondent in Moscow, 1988 to 1994 foreign correspondent in Washington D.C. and as of 1994 reporter in Hamburg.

Dederichs, son of a photographer and an avid hobby photographer himself, frequently took private pictures during his research for stern articles in parallel with the stern photographer accompanying him. His photographs were of a documentary-journalistic character and at the same time subjective-artistic. They were published in the stern from time to time. Two images were awarded prizes at competitions.


  • Hillary Clinton und die Macht der Frauen. Munich, 1993.
  • Heydrich: das Gesicht des Bösen. Munich; Zürich, 2005 (posthumous).

Selection of photographs