STERN photographers

The listed STERN photographers represent merely a selection.
The photographers entered are those who were employed by STERN on a regular basis and for whose photos the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek has acquired the rights of use.
Have you been active as a photographer for the STERN?
Please feel free to contact us any time if you wish to find out more about your photographs in the STERN Photo Archive.
We are also pleased to provide consultation in case you wish to market your STERN images via the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek.


Picture credits
Hanns-Jörg Anders | © BSB/STERN Photo Archive/Axel Carp  –  Axel Carp | © BSB/Image Archive/Axel Carp  –  Klaus Drinkwitz | © BSB/STERN Photo Archive/Axel Carp  –  Jürgen Gebhardt | © BSB/Image Archive/C. Gebhardt  –  Rolf Gillhausen | © BSB/STERN Photo Archive/Fred Ihrt  –  Fred Ihrt | © BSB/STERN Photo Archive/Jürgen Gebhardt  –  Tom Jacobi | © BSB/STERN Photo Archive/Axel Carp  –  Perry Kretz | © BSB/STERN Photo Archive/Harald Schmitt  –  Cornelius Meffert | © BSB/STERN Photo Archive/Harald Schmitt  –  Klaus Meyer-Andersen | © BSB/STERN Photo Archive/Axel Carp  –  Mihály Moldvay | © BSB/STERN Photo Archive/Harald Schmitt  –  Jürgen Müller-Schneck | © BSB/STERN Photo Archive/Harald Schmitt  –  Herbert Peterhofen | © BSB/STERN Photo Archive/Axel Carp  –  Harald Schmitt | © BSB/Image Archive/Ladan Rezaian  –  Peter Thomann | © BSB/Image Archive/Julian Thomann  –  Jay Ullal | © BSB/STERN Photo Archive/Harald Schmitt

Further photographers with rights of use