Zend (Middle Persian)


The Bayerische Staatsbibliothek holds 111 manuscripts in Zend.


  • [Cod.Zend 1 – 87]
    Bartholomae, Christian: Die Zendhandschriften der K. Hof- und Staatsbibliothek in München. München, 1915. Catalogus codicum manu scriptorum Bibliothecae Regiae Monacensis. 1,7.


During his studies of ancient Iran in Paris, the Munich professor of Oriental studies Marcus Joseph Müller (1809 – 1874) had produced copies of Zend manuscripts, which had partly been acquired by Anquetil du Perron (1731 – 1805) on his journeys and partly originated in manuscripts from Madrid. These manuscripts were 45 texts from the teachings of Zarathustra in the Avesta and Pahlavi languages. Further Zend manuscripts are from the personal collection of the Indologist Martin Haug (1827 – 1876), who spent six years in India and compiled a collection of predominantly Vedic texts there.