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Astronomic manuscript in the Arabic language, created between 1630 and 1650 in Isfahan | © BSB S. Gottstein/ 2834

The astronomic manuscript in the Arabic language was created in Isfahan between 1630 and 1650. It comprises 100 sheets, contains numerous illustrations with graphical drawings of the planets' orbits and very finely drawn allegoric representations in human form.

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Poetry manuscript of the Persian poet Ahli Shirazi (1454 – 1535) | © BSB/Cod.pers. 539

The Bayerische Staatsbibliothek has newly acquired a poetry manuscript by the Persian poet Ahli Shirazi (1454 – 1535). Little is known about him: He lived a solitary life and was presumably poor. In contrast, the present collection of poems is crafted luxuriously.

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Magic scroll | © BSB/ Cod.aethiop. 180

In 2016, the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek acquired nine Ethiopian parchment manuscripts in Ge'ez, the ancient literary language, which is still used today by Ethiopian Christians as their liturgical language. With respect to content, the manuscripts are psalms and liturgical texts.

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