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According to most recent findings, the Bavarian State Library’s broadside of globe gores by Martin Waldseemüller (BSB call number Mapp. I,5 ua) is not an authentic print but a copy, probably produced before 1960, of the document in possession of the University of Minnesota. This is the conclusion based on the results of a thorough materials science examination conducted by the Bavarian State Library’s Institute of Conservation and Restoration. The print, thus far dated from the year 1507, is one of only six known copies. The Waldseemüller map is famous for being the first to use the name "America".

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Guided tours and visitors

  • Guided tour on the history of cartography (University of the German Armed Forces, Dr. Thomas Horst), October 2016
  • Bavarian State Chancellery – European Excellence Programme: Presentation of the collection and insight into the cartography of Europe, June 2016
  • Table Ronde Tegernsee: The library of Maximilian Count von Montgelas and its map collection, June 2016
  • Comparison of city views in "Civitatis Orbis Terrarum" by Braun/ Hogenberg (University of Bamberg, Prof. Dr. Großmann), June 2015
  • Guided tour on the history of cartography forming part of the seminar "Old maps and globes as sources for historians" (Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich, Dr. Thomas Horst), April 2015

Participation in conferences and visits

  • David Rumsey Map Center, Standford CA, October 2017
  • Conference of map curators, Gotha 2017
  • Conference of map curators and colloquium on the history of cartography, Vienna 2016
  • Conference on geo-referencing, Saxon State and University Library Dresden, January 2015

Wanderlust – A journey around the world in city maps

Virtual exhibition on the travel route taken by the Swiss Cäcilie von Rodt (1855 – 1929)

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Exhibitions and presentations

  • 2024: Wanderlust – A journey around the world in city maps 
    (→ also as virtual exhibition)
  • 2023: Into the Alps, but why? – The crossing of the Alps from the Middle Ages to the present in maps and photographs 
    (→ also as a virtual exhibition)
  • 2019: Der Pfinzing-Atlas von 1594
  • 2018: Wanderlust – A journey around the world in city maps 
    (→ also as virtual exhibition)
  • 2015: Lafreri atlas
  • 2013/ 2014: The land survey of Bavaria – 450th anniversary of Philipp Apian's great map of Bavaria
  • 2013: Odd maps
  • 2010: Presentation on the occasion of the 15th colloquium on the history of cartography
  • 2008: Maps, wars, electors


  • 1995: Four hundred years of Mercator, four hundred years of atlases
  • 1992: America – The early image of the new world
  • 1989: Philipp Apian and the cartography of Renaissance
  • 1988: Cartographia Bavariae
  • 1979: The map as a work of art


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