Current activities, events

Exhibitions | © BSB/ Image Archive
Exhibitions | © BSB/ Image Archive

Guided tours and visitors

  • Guided tour on the history of cartography (University of the German Armed Forces, Dr. Thomas Horst), October 2016
  • Bavarian State Chancellery – European Excellence Programme: Presentation of the collection and insight into the cartography of Europe, June 2016
  • Table Ronde Tegernsee: The library of Maximilian Count von Montgelas and its map collection, June 2016
  • Comparison of city views in "Civitatis Orbis Terrarum" by Braun/ Hogenberg (University of Bamberg, Prof. Dr. Großmann), June 2015
  • Guided tour on the history of cartography forming part of the seminar "Old maps and globes as sources for historians" (Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich, Dr. Thomas Horst), April 2015

Participation in conferences and visits

  • David Rumsey Map Center, Standford CA, October 2017
  • Conference of map curators, Gotha 2017
  • Conference of map curators and colloquium on the history of cartography, Vienna 2016
  • Conference on geo-referencing, Saxon State and University Library Dresden, January 2015

Exhibitions and presentations

  • 2015: Lafreri atlas
  • 2013/ 2014: The land survey of Bavaria – 450th anniversary of Philipp Apian's great map of Bavaria
  • 2013: Odd maps
  • 2010: Presentation on the occasion of the 15th colloquium on the history of cartography
  • 2008: Maps, wars, electors


  • 1995: Four hundred years of Mercator, four hundred years of atlases
  • 1992: America – The early image of the new world
  • 1989: Philipp Apian and the cartography of Renaissance
  • 1988: Cartographia Bavariae
  • 1979: The map as a work of art