Passionstraktat, Nürnberg 1521. Blatt 189r: Abstieg Christi in die Unterwelt mit Dürer-Monogramm oben rechts. Text: Heinrich von St. Gallen. Miniaturen/Buchmalerei: Nikolaus  Glockendon | © BSB/Cgm 9600

The manuscript collection of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek records the addition of precious items: A total of three high-ranking German-language manuscripts of Bavarian origin could be acquired at the same time for the library from the antiquarian book trade. After conservatory treatment by the library’s own Institute of Conservation and Restoration and cataloguing, they are now being digitized and will be made available for academic research subsequently.

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A recently acquired convolute of around 700 Tibetan manuscripts comes from Mongolia, which is influenced by Tibetan Buddhism. Against the background of the fact that Mongolia experienced a serious cultural setback during the time of communism up to 1990 and many monasteries, temples and Buddhist cultural goods were destroyed, the preservation of these manuscripts is noteworthy.

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Josef Anton Riedl (2. v. l.) gemeinsam mit Carl Orff (rechts) im Siemens-Studio für elektronische Musik, undatiert | © BSB/Bildarchiv

The Bayerische Staatsbibliothek has received the personal papers of the composer Josef Anton Riedl (born in Munich in 1927, died in Murnau in 2016), including both his musical work and documentation of his life, as a donation by the family von Külmer, Christiane and Stefanie von Külmer.

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Origenes, Homiliae in psalmos, 12. Jahrhundert (Anfang) | © BSB/Cod.graec. 314, Blatt 1r

Volume 5 of the catalogue of Greek manuscripts of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek Munich introduces 83 manuscripts. More than half of the codices originally formed part of the collection of the Augsburg trader Johann Jakob Fugger (1516 – 1575) and of manuscript holdings sold by the widely known writer and manuscript trader Andreas Darmarios to Duke William V of Bavaria in 1583. This means that they formed part of the collection at the time of foundation of the Munich court library.

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Augustinus-Handschrift in angelsächsischer Minuskel des 8. Jahrhunderts (Detail) | © BSB/Clm 14653, Blatt 29v

The fifth catalogue volume on the Latin and medieval manuscripts of the Benedictine abbey St. Emmeram in Regensburg contains detailed codicological and contentual descriptions of 142 manuscripts of the 8th to the 16th century, a temporal focus of the preserved works being on the 15th century.

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