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Dieter Lorenz (1932 – 2013), around 1980 | © BSB/Image Archive
Dieter Lorenz (1932 – 2013), around 1980 | © BSB/Image Archive

The meteorologist and publicist Dieter Lorenz (1931 – 2013) accumulated an extensive collection on the subject of photography, in particular on three-dimensional photography:

  • 3,000 monographs and journals since the beginning of the 20th century
  • Over 58,000 stereo images, slides, photographs, postcards and negatives
  • Three-dimensional objects such as stereo-image viewing devices and stereo cameras
  • Biographical documents, correspondence and material collections

The collection came to the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek as a donation in 2014.


The cataloguing and digitization of the image material are still in their early stages. The written documents have not been indexed yet.


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