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Reading Room for Music/Maps/Images
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Reading Room for Manuscripts and Rare Books

Images and graphics are distributed over all collections of the library. In addition to the Image Archive with about 4.2 million images and the stern Photo Archive with 15 million photographs, images are present in manuscripts and personal papers, as well as in printed works and further special collections.

In the 19th century special collection groups were established for historical prints with predominantly copper engravings, lithographic prints or detached image materials. In the same way, block books, individual sheets and books produced by means of wood panels, incunabula with xylographs or illustrated single-sheet prints form special collections.

Moreover, the library holds an extensive collection of painters' books, fine press books and artists' publications.

These special collections are preserved by the Department of Manuscripts and Rare Books and can be consulted in the Reading Room for Manuscripts and Rare Books or in the Reading Room for Music/Maps/Images (collections of the Image Archive and the stern Photo Archive). Both reading rooms are on the 1st floor. More...


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