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The Specialised Information Service for Historical Studies

Since 2016, the German Research Foundation (DFG) has supported a "Fachinformationsdienst für die Wissenschaft" (Specialised information service for science and scholarship) for the subject field of historical studies, which is managed by the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek and the Deutsches Museum in Munich – with the latter being in charge of the sub-discipline of the history of technology. From 1949 to 2015 the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek acted as library in charge of the special collection field for historical studies in Germany. It is Germany's largest historical-science library.

In close cooperation with historians, the Specialised Information Service for Historical Studies is building up a digital information service covering the complete spectrum of historical studies, which is intended to complement the basic provision ensured by university and other academic libraries, thus creating optimal conditions for historical research in Germany.

Further information on the Specialised Information Service for Historical Studies
The “Specialised Information Services” Programme (DFG)

Acquisition and cataloguing services

Within the framework of the Specialised Information Service, the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek acquires around 15,000 monographs and collective works annually, as well as several thousand journal volumes and a broad spectrum of electronic media on the spectrum of historical topics, with a regional focus on Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain and Portugal. Descriptive and subject cataloguing is carried out for the entire literature. As a special service, tables of contents and abstracts have been provided in digital form since 2006. Not only do they offer a "first glance at the contents", but they are also incorporated in the search, thereby offering further systematic search access points.

New acquisition service

The Bayerische Staatsbibliothek acquires over 2,000 publications from the field of historical studies every month, amongst them the acquisitions funded by the German Research Foundation for the Specialised Information Service for Historical Studies and the historical studies of the Specialised Information Services for Classical Studies and for Russian, East and Southeast European Studies. These new acquisitions are retrievable in an information system on history and classics of their own. They can be searched systematically according to subjects, regions, time periods, resource types or free keywords. Moreover, you can set up your own profile and subscribe to an e-mail newsletter that will be based on your search profile.

New Books and More on History and Classics

Book request service

Do you have a particular acquisition request or a recommendation for us? Within the scope of the FID profile, we appreciate receiving your requests and indications regarding gaps in our collections, web contents of scholarly relevance and research trends and will check whether we can incorporate them in our spectrum of media and services respectively how we can make the desired resources available to you. In case you are interested in the digitization of individual monographs published in Germany between 1913 and 1965 for your research, you are welcome to notify us accordingly. We will check whether the titles are out of print and are suitable for making them available in digital form.

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(E-book) Interlibrary loan

The Germany-wide provision of the acquired research literature belongs to the core tasks of the Specialised Information Service. This service is already highly sought after: Ten thousands of monographs and articles relevant for the field of history are circulated annually by the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek within the scope of national interlibrary loan. Articles from electronic journals and individual e-books are likewise provided via interlibrary loan, with an expansion of the service being planned as of 2017.

FID licenses

To cover the peak demand of German historical research, the Specialised Information Service for Historical Studies acquires licenses for location-independent access to digital resources such as databases, electronic journals and e-books that come at a charge. The focus is on extensive full-text archives.

Licensed services and conditions of use

Deutsche Historische Bibliografie

As a special research service, the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek is developing the "Deutsche Historische Bibliografie" (DHB, German Historical Bibliography) within the framework of the Specialised Information Service and in cooperation with the Academy of Sciences of Berlin-Brandenburg, the Institute for Contemporary History and the Deutsches Museum. The selection and evaluation of the literature is carried out by a network of cataloguing libraries. In addition, the "Deutsche Historische Bibliografie" is based on the re-use of metadata of library associations, publishing houses and research institutions. Moreover, researchers can complement title entries using a self-service tool, thus actively contributing to the development of the data stock. The launch of a beta version is planned for the autumn of 2017.

Specialised portal historicum.net

Well-established in the community of historians since 2001, the portal historicum.net will represent the central platform of the Specialised Information Service for Historical Studies and its manifold digital materials and services in the future. The Specialised Information Service is preparing a relaunch of the portal in terms of technology and content for the start of 2018. The search portal "Europäische Geschichte (beta)" (European history) has been available within the scope of historicum.net already since 15 May 2017. It replaces the search and access portal "Chronicon" used so far, offering an optimized search access point for your literature search for historical studies involving multiple databases.



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