[Von links nach rechts] Dr. Dorothea Sommer, Stellvertretende Generaldirektorin, Wolf von Lojewski, Dr. Claudia Fabain, Leiterin der Abteilung Handschriften und Alte Drucke, anlässlich der Schenkung | © BSB/U. Rehusch

The Department of Manuscripts and Rare Books has welcomed a generous donation: The television journalist Wolf von Lojewski presented Dr. Dorothea Sommer, Deputy Director General, and the library department with his collection of 326 individual sheets of Hartmann Schedel’s World Chronicle.

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Gebetbuch Kaiser Maximilians I. mit Zeichnungen Albrecht Dürers. Oratio ad suu[m] proprium angelu[m]. 1513 | © BSB/L.impr.membr. 64

The Bayerische Staatsbibliothek (BSB) preserves an extensive collection of most valuable manuscripts and printed works. A selection of 400 important works, which form part of the unique written cultural heritage of Bavaria, has now been made available online at the cultural portal bavarikon. The access to the cultural treasures has been designed to be particularly user-friendly for laypersons, giving an insight into the collection without requiring any prior knowledge. A large part of the manuscripts and printed books in addition has extensive descriptions in German and in English.

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Turnierbuch Wilhelms IV. von Bayern (1493 – 1550) | © BSB/bavarikon

bavarikon newly features around 190 lithographies. These are prints produced in the lithographic printing technique – a method developed in Munich, which revolutionised the reproduction of image materials.

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© BSB/Clm 6276

The Bayerische Staatsbibliothek expands its services: As of now, it is possible to use the OPACplus to directly order the library's rich holdings of manuscripts, incunabula and early printed books for consultation in the Reading Room for Manuscripts and Rare Books.

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Titelholzschnitt des 300.000sten Druckes: Leichenzug für Martha Maria Herold (1629) | Lizenz CC-BY-NC-SA, Universitätsbibliothek Greifswald

Since 1996, libraries in Germany and Austria have been jointly compiling a catalogue of the German book production of the 17th century. And they still keep discovering "nova" – works which have not yet been entered in the "catalogue of printed works of the 17th century published in the German language area" and which continue increasing the number of different editions and titles.

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