Parchment prints


Books printed on parchment have always been among the bibliophile gems collected by the library. Today, the collection of "Libri impressi membranacei" (L.impr.membr.) comprises over 130 titles. The focus is on printed works of the 15th and 16th century. In total, the period from 1457 to 1835 is covered.

The foundation of this special collection group goes back to the reorganisation by Martin Schrettinger in the year 1814. The Department of Manuscripts and Rare Books is in charge of these works.

Outstanding pieces

In addition to outstanding pieces from the start of book printing, also luxurious prints form part of this collection, such as the prayer book of Maximilian I with drawings in the margins by Albrecht Dürer and Lucas Cranach the Elder, the "Theuerdank" of Emperor Maximilian I and the luxuriously adorned edition of the Luther Bible with four portraits, illuminated by Lucas Cranach the Younger, and with numerous coloured xylographs.

  • Theuerdank of Emperor Maximilian I. Augsburg, 1517  (2 L.impr.membr. 28)


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