The collection newly started in 1895 comprises book-related, graphic reproduction materials and printed images, predominantly woodcuts and copper engravings, but also lithographies and etchings. In addition to printed volumes, the images are kept in collection files or boxes and cassettes in the form of loose leafs or adhesively fixed in albums. In total, this collection includes around 10,000 images.

With respect to content, the collection covers a wide range from devotion images over portraits, on to representations of animals, plants, landscapes and works of architecture, emblems, images of historical events, up to theatre costumes and fashion images.

The collection is catalogued roughly in the form of subject groups in a handwritten repertory, with the most important parts entered in BSB DISCOVER!.

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Cbm Cat. 80 n(2 – younger repertory, started around 1895

Cbm Cat. 263 – first shelving register, set up in the first third of the 19th century by Martin Schrettinger

Cbm Cat. 80 n(1 – older repertory, started around 1835 by Martin Schrettinger as an abbreviated form of the shelving register

Cbm Cat. 80 m – alphabetic register, set up around 1835