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Specialised Information Service for East, Central and Southeast European Studies

  • Is there a certain book or a certain journal that can hardly or not at all be found in German libraries?
  • Do you wish to suggest a journal for evaluation, so that you can search directly for the articles contained in it in the future?
  • Do you wish us to make a website accessible for you or do you wish to recommend a website for archiving?
  • Do you wish to recommend us a database or digital source collection, that requires a license?
  • Do you wish to suggest a copyright-free book for digitization?
  • Is there a particular review you would like to see indexed in our search tools and made available digitally?

You are welcome to send us your request!

As the responsible service provider, the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek will seek to acquire requested materials which correspond to the profile of the Specialised Information Service for East, Central and Southeast European Studies. Depending on the procurement situation, you will receive the requested materials via national loan/ interlibrary loan, in digital form, or we will lend our support in procuring an international interlibrary loan, where required. In the case of recommended web contents and research trends, we will check whether such content can be archived, entered in our databases, licensed or incorporated in our acquisition profile.

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No costs are incurred by sending us a request.
You will receive a response from us within five working days after receipt of your request.


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