Maria Janitschek (1859 – 1927): Mimikry, ein Stück modernes Leben | © BSB/bavarikon

Following the Evas Töchter (Eve's daughters) exhibition at the Monacensia in the Hildebrandhaus (2018) and looking back on 100 years of women's suffrage, the bavarikon exhibition wants to take influential women writers in Bavaria into account. On display are digital copies from Munich's female writers, all of whose personal papers are kept in the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek – their fictional works and essays, their correspondence with the city's cultural and literary personalities within and outside the women's movement, as well as portraits of their most important representatives.

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Speisekarte Donisl | © Bayerisches Wirtschaftsarchiv/bavarikon

From a handwritten slip of paper of a Munich "Boazn" – a simple pub – to the elaborately printed "official menu" of a bourgeois traditional restaurant: As of now, bavarikon offers menus of Munich catering businesses from the time between 1888 and 1983. They form part of the archive materials of the large Munich breweries Löwenbräu and Paulanerbräu, which are kept at the Bavarian Economic Archive.

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Wessobrunner Gebet (Blatt 65v) | © BSB/Clm 22053

From the Wessobrunn prayer to Lorenz von Westenrieder – the new virtual exhibition in bavarikon offers an overview of the most important and most interesting monuments of literature and language held by the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek as part of its collection of Bavarica. Look forward to documents bearing testimony to the early Middle Ages, works of the early modern age, spiritual and courtly literature and much more.

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Titelblatt des ersten Bands des Romans „Die unsichtbare Loge” (1793) von Jean Paul | © BSB/Res/P.o.germ. 1163-1

Scholarship, regional poetry and a literary search for traces – the Literaturportal Bayern again presents new contents in its thematic module on interesting historical and biographical aspects of Bavarian literature.

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Inspired by Hermann Lingg's (1820 – 1905) humorous poem "Das Krokodil zu Singapur" ("The crocodile of Singapore"), the association of poets from Munich was called "Das Krokodil" or "Die Krokodile" when it was founded in 1857. In line with this, the symbol of the association was of course a crocodile. A new virtual exhibition at bavarikon now presents a portrait of this poets' society.

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