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The September update has bavarikon vault over the quarter-million mark: Over 250,000 high-resolution digital copies and data sets have been made available online now. This demonstrates the success of the digitization campaign, which also involves smaller institutions in the Free State of Bavaria.

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Das Geburtshaus vom Müllner Peter in Sachrang | © BSB/Bildarchiv

bavarikon highly appreciates welcoming a new partner, the Müllner Peter Museum in Sachrang! The collection of Peter Huber from Sachrang (1766 – 1843), also called "Müllner Peter" in accordance with the name of his family's farm, encompasses over 300 manuscripts and printed works. Largely, these are works of Church and sacred music, which are preserved at the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek and the Müllner Peter Museum.

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Die Amazonen. Szenenbild zu Marie Haushofers Schauspiel „Zwölf Culturbilder aus dem Leben der Frau“, entstanden im berühmten Fotostudio Atelier Elvira in München | © Stadtarchiv München

Authors on the Fraueninsel, female writers in Munich's Maxvorstadt quarter, the struggle for modernity in the civil women's movement – the Literaturportal Bayern presents new excursions and topics on interesting historical and regional aspects of Bavarian literature.

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Plakat zur virtuellen Ausstellung | © Neue Pinakothek/bavarikon

In May 1818 Max I Joseph decreed a new constitution for the Kingdom of Bavaria. He thus made Bavaria not only one of the most modern constitutional states, but laid the foundation for a stable legal system which remained in place for a hundred years. The great importance of this step is also illustrated by a symbolic act: The Bavarian kings henceforth swore an oath of allegiance to the constitution when they acceded to the throne. On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the constitution, bavarikon presents a virtual exhibition on this milestone.

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© mucft – Adobe Stock #50518449

In the database of the "Bayerische Bibliographie" over 800,000 monographs, journals and articles have been registered now, all of which are related to Bavaria. The database contains electronic publications in parallel to long-term archived websites (so-called web archives) on topics about Bavaria. The Bavarian Bibliography thus constitutes the largest German regional bibliography.

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