Bavarica in images

The database of the image archive contains around 220,000 images, among them portraits, views of cities and buildings and photographs of important political, social and cultural events.

  • The photographic archive of Heinrich Hoffmann offers photographs of historical events from the revolution and republic of councils, the history of the national socialist party during the time of the Weimar republic, the history of the Third Reich up to the first years of the post-war period.
  • The photographic archives of Felicitas Timpe and Gerhard E. Habermann contain relevant image materials about the cultural and public life in Munich during the time after the war.
  • The photographic archives of Fruhstorfer and Walz contain, among other things, images witnessing the destruction and reconstruction of Munich and Nuremberg.
  • The photographic archive of Bernhard Johannes comprises photographs from the Werdenfelser Land region and Tyrol from the time between 1870 and the 1990s.
  • The collection of portraits and views offers representations of persons from the fields of science and scholarship, art and culture, as well as views of cities and buildings.

Database of the image archive

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