Originals protected: Architectural plans of the "Atelier Troost" – Funding by the BKM special programme 2021

This year’s BKM special programme for the preservation of the written cultural heritage funds 78 projects. The Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (BKM, Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien) makes available around 2 million Euros for this purpose. Valuable and irreplaceable holdings are thus made accessible and are preserved for future generations.

View of an interior wall of the "Kanzleibau des Braunen Hauses" | © BSB

View of an interior wall of the "Kanzleibau des Braunen Hauses" | © BSB

"The BKM special programme supports archives and libraries in a targeted way in preserving written cultural goods present in larger amounts. We appreciate being able to continue also a number of long-term projects with some institutions this year, so that at the end individual collections will be secured in their entirety", explained Ursula Hartwieg, Head of the KEK (Coordination Office for the Preservation of Written Cultural Heritage).

The Bayerische Staatsbibliothek in Munich, for example, secures unique documents of architectural history of National Socialism for research and the broad public in a continuation project: Architectural plans from the extensive personal papers of Paul Ludwig Troost (1878 – 1934) and Gerdy Troost (1904 – 2003) are restored. The materials of the "Atelier Troost", which had been seized after the end of the war, were returned to Germany from Washington D.C. in 1965. The library acquired the majority of these materials, which were later complemented by further purchases. In the current project, 251 reconstruction plans for the "Braunes Haus", the party headquarters of the NSDAP, are restored. The transparent paper has become brittle. The large-format plans are therefore unrolled and tears are repaired. 212 plans were already restored last year. This measure means that central historical documents on the so-called NSDAP party quarter in Munich will be preserved permanently. After conclusion, the hand drawn plans can be digitized and displayed.

The BKM special programme has been supporting measures for the preservation of originals in archives and libraries for five years now. In total, almost 465 projects have been approved within the scope of this funding line since 2017, and around 13.7 million Euros have been made available as funding by the BKM.

Press release of the Coordination Office for the Preservation of Written Cultural Heritage (KEK) 3/2021 from 31/08/2021 (PDF)