Specialised Information Service for Classical Studies: "Millennium Studies" in open access

The Bayerische Staatsbibliothek supports the free digital access to specialist literature in the field of classical studies. It is planned to make the 85 already published volumes of the series "Millennium-Studien" (De Gruyter) freely accessible on the Internet. The ten new publications scheduled for publishing during the two-year project term (2021 – 2022) will be accessible in open access right from the time of publication.

Series cover of the "Millennium-Studien" | © De Gruyter

Series cover of the "Millennium-Studien" | © De Gruyter

For the future publications of the series, a mid-term and a long-term funding concept will be developed and implemented, which provides for publication via the so-called "golden open access route": An incentive for scholars to publish their research results directly in open access in the future!

In the context of the DFG-funded Specialised Information Service for Classical Studies, the project was applied for and granted in its entirety by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). It could thus be achieved to place classical studies into a new funding context with a trend-setting pilot project establishing publication in open access as the future standard also in the field of humanities.

The "Millennium-Studien" are one of the most renowned series of specialist publications in the field of classical studies. Relevant research results from central areas of classical studies are published here.
Title list and information on the "Millennium-Studien" on the De Gruyter platform

With the transformation project, the Specialised Information Service for Classical Studies makes a contribution to the international visibility of research results from the German-language area in particular.

In order to further increase the acceptance of this trend-setting publication model in the field of classical studies, the ten publications, which will be published in the years 2021 to 2022, will be financed by project funds in their entirety. In the course of the transformation project, it is also intended to establish consortium structures permitting to continue publication in the "open access gold" for the "Millennium-Studien" also beyond the duration of the project. All volumes of the series will continue to be made available also in printed form in the future.