digiPress is growing: over 1,000 newspaper titles and over one million newspaper issues online

The newspaper portal digiPress continues growing: Today, more than 100 further historical newspapers have been incorporated in digiPress. The content range is very broad: from "De Platt-Dütsche" ("The Low-German", 1772) over the "Erlanger Real-Zeitung" (1813 – 1821) up to the humorous-satirical newspaper "Der Kasperle im Frack" ("Punch in a tailcoat", 1847).

Der Kasperle im Frack (Punch in a tailcoat, 1847) | © BSB

Der Kasperle im Frack (Punch in a tailcoat, 1847) | © BSB

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The new newspaper titles include numerous non-German issues, such as "The London and China telegraph", "Le conseil républicain" or also "Il pungolo".

The portal for digitized historical newspapers of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek encompasses over 1,000 newspaper titles with over one million issues by now.

digiPress stands out for its particular user-friendliness. The portal offers the option to sort all titles according to their place or area of distribution on the one hand. On the other hand, the new calendar overview offers a time-directed point of entry, which thus goes beyond the individual newspaper titles. All digitized titles can be retrieved individually via the title list and are searchable in their entirety in the full-text version.