Bavaria's wild blue yonder on Instagram

The Literaturportal Bayern, an online platform for literature hosted by the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, has given the interested public an understanding of the literature country Bavaria for seven years now. We are opening up also for a younger target group now by processing articles of the literature portal dynamically for Instagram.

Literaturportal Bayern on Instagram | © BSB/Literaturportal Bayern

Literaturportal Bayern on Instagram | © BSB/Literaturportal Bayern

Our posts are intended to reference the portal and extend an invitation to do further research, gather information, browse without hurry – venturing into Bavaria's wild blue yonder.

On the one hand, Instagram offers the Literaturportal Bayern the opportunity to cooperate and interact with institutions, writers and followers, but most notably, it is possible to tell a little story by each post independently. The large variety of articles on the literature portal allows us to continuously provide our followers with interesting and informative excerpts for reading. No matter whether you are interested in Bavarian authors, literary excursions, academic subject areas, festival visits, journal contributions, an overview of current events – there is something for everybody interested in literature on Instagram. The diversity and authenticity of the posts create a desire to read more.

We are therefore pleased to present the literature country Bavaria on Instagram.