Ten new data sources in the research portal "European History"

Users can search ten new data sources in the research portal "European History" as of now. The latest addition is a subject-specific data collection on northern European history contributed by the University Library of Kiel. A total of 26 data sources are now accessible via the research portal, which can be searched comprehensively for research literature.

© BSB/ Cod.icon. 133

© BSB/ Cod.icon. 133

In May 2017 the research portal "European History" replaced the platform "chronicon". Since then, the following data sources have been newly incorporated:

  • Bibliographie nationale luxembourgeoise / Luxemburger Nationalbibliographie (Luxembourg national bibliography)
  • Deutsch-Französisches Institut (dfi, German-French Institute): Library catalogue
  • Deutsches Historisches Institut Paris (DHIP, German Historical Institute Paris): Library catalogue
  • Deutsche Historische Bibliografie (DHB, German Historical Bibliography)
  • Subject-specific data collection on British and Irish history, SUB Göttingen
  • Subject-specific data collection on northern European history, UB Kiel
  • Subject-specific data collection on Spanish and Portuguese history, SUB Hamburg
  • Subject catalogue Benelux, ULB Münster
  • Subject catalogue Benelux, USB Cologne
  • ARTOS: Articles and reviews on east, eastern-central and south-eastern Europe

The research portal will be expanded by new data sources continuously.

With regard to content, the portal covers the history of Europe in general and the history of individual regions throughout the epochs. In addition to research, it also frequently permits access to the researched publications. Ideally, direct electronic access is provided.

Research portal "European History"

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