The grand staircase as a "place of thought"

As of late, ten red banners with quotes of well-known philosophers, authors, scholars and publicists have been gracing the pilasters of the gallery of our grand staircase. While being very different, the quotes "all have in common that they express something worth reflecting and something controversial from the manifold life worlds of the mind and culture", explains Director General Dr. Klaus Ceynowa, who has also selected them.

The grand staircase as a "place of thought" | © BSB/ H.-R. Schulz

The grand stair case can thus also be experienced as a "place of thought", as befits a universal library!

"Dare to know." – "Habe Mut, dich deines eigenen Verstandes zu bedienen."

This quote of Immanuel Kant from his work "Answering the question: What is enlightenment?" of 1784 is one example from the series. This admonition to remember to think for yourself for all the knowledge you have acquired still remains very up to date.