Russian revolutions of 1917 in newspaper articles

On the occasion of the anniversary of the Russian revolutions of 1917, the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek is producing a continuously growing digital newspaper compilation about the revolutionary events, from the "February Revolution" to the "October Revolution".

Two pages of the supplement of the Novoe vremja on 27 February = 9 March 2017. Novoe vremja, Petrograd, of 25 March = 17 April 1917, p. 73-74 | © BSB

The Virtual Library Eastern Europe (ViFaOst, will republish an article from a renowned Russian or international newspaper daily that casts a light on the events exactly 100 years ago. The older articles will also be made available in chronological order. Everybody interested can thus reconstruct the historical course of events on a day-to-day basis.