New version of the RISM online catalogue

RISM and the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek announce the launch of a new version of the RISM online catalogue. This version represents the first phase of a development project which will be expanded by further, new functions in course of the coming months. Today's publication is a first step leading towards a complete renewal of the RISM online catalogue. Many – albeit not yet all – ideas and suggestions of our users have been taken into account.

RISM catalogue, new start page | © RISM/ BSB

RISM catalogue, new start page | © RISM/ BSB

In the course of the next year, further improvements will be implemented, such as a detailed representation of the entries concerning music prints.  (RISM catalogue)

The new functions initially include:

  • A new appearance:
    The catalogue has been provided with fresh colours and a simplified, more appealing layout.
  • A mobile-communication friendly format:
    RISM has been made accessible comfortably using mobile phones and tablets.
  • New languages for search requests:
    French, Italian and Spanish
  • New incipit search functions:
    • The virtual keyboard now spans five octaves.
    • Notes can be input using the virtual keyboard or the computer keyboard.
    • The note is played when you press a key of the virtual keyboard.
    • The search request is displayed in the stave.
    • You can search for any part of the incipit, not only its beginning.
    • The incipit search can also find similar intervallic courses.
    • The incipits are represented using the Verovio library.
      Verovio library
  • Authority data:
    The RISM bodies, persons and secondary literature can now also be searched in the catalogue. While searching for "Bach" so far merely yielded musical sources about the composers Bach, it will now also produce hits including institutions with Bach in their name, composers of the name Bach and secondary literature about Bach. These will be displayed at the end of the hit list and can be filtered using the buttons on the left-hand side.
  • Comment function:
    At the end of every data set, next to the RISM number, a small button will appear which can be used to directly contact the RISM Central Editorial Office to report an error, make a suggestion or to point out an entry.

The new catalogue will be introduced by Klaus Keil (RISM Central Editorial Office) and Jürgen Diet (Bayerische Staatsbibliothek) at the IAML congress in Leipzig on Friday, 27 July 2018, 11:00 – 12:30, during the public RISM session.
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Detailed information about these new functions will be available on the help pages of the online catalogue and of the RISM website soon.