musiconn.kontrovers – a discussion platform for musicology

A few days ago, musiconn.kontrovers has gone online, the new blog in the Specialised Information Service for Musicology. The blog is intended for discussing the core issues of the subject field in regular posts. We are looking forward to lively debate and your contributions!

musiconn.kontrovers, logo

"We hope that a blog, located in a central place, can give new impulses to German-language musicology and extend an invitation to talk. The introduction of musiconn as the umbrella trademark of projects of the Specialised Information Service for Musicology in the year 2018 is a good time for establishing the blog. As the point of intersection of highly diverse services for musicologists, musiconn offers the blog the prospect of becoming part of the digital infrastructure of the subject field and to also use this infrastructure for discourse."

Source and extract from:
musiconn.kontrovers: Eine Diskussionsplattform für die Musikwissenschaft  (in German)
by Sebastian Bolz and Moritz Kelber