musiconn online now

The Department of Music of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek has developed a new service for the expert community of musicology together with the Saxon State and University Library Dresden: musiconn – the new portal of the Specialised Information Service for Musicology, has been launched online now, in a beta version for the time being.

musiconn, logo

At all services of the Specialised Information Service for Musicology will be pooled and made accessible as of now – under the trademark "musiconn – Musicology connected". Among other things, the portal offers an access point for scholarly research and access to a great variety of subject-related information and Internet resources.

  • Combined comfortably in one single search mask, accesses important data sources on music, thus offering users the possibility to search in over six million individual entries compiled. For the Specialised Information Service such electronic resources are licensed and made available in particular which are relevant for the subject area.
  • In addition to the blog musiconn.kontrovers,
  • musiconn also counts the online repository musiconn.publish among its services. Forming part of the international open access movement, the platform serves for free-of-charge electronic publishing, the cataloguing and the long-term archiving of musicological specialist literature.
  • To complete the bandwidth of research options, the application musiconn.scoresearch offers the possibility to search for sheet music on a content basis, using the technology of OMR (optical music recognition). Entering notes thus makes it possible to search selected digitized works for melodies through the optical recognition of scores. More searchable individual entries will be added continuously as a work-in-progress project.