General Reading Room: New loan modalities

Since the beginning of October 2017, all media that are provided in the collection area of the General Reading Room following your orders have already been booked as loans for consultation in the reading room. You can start working with these media immediately.

General Reading Room | © BSB/ H.-R. Schulz

General Reading Room | © BSB/ H.-R. Schulz

The media can be collected from the two adjacent shelves bearing your number.
Note: The shelf number corresponds to the number that you can find in bold print on your reader pass.

In case you wish to keep a medium for further consultation, kindly return it to the shelf from which you collected it. Like before, the media remain in the collection area up to the end of the loan term or the extended loan term, where required. You can check the end of the loan term in your user account at any time.

When you no longer need the media, please place them on one of the return trolleys in the marble hall, where we will book them consecutively as returned.

Please note: In the event that media ordered by you have not yet been placed on the collection shelf after 3 work days, please contact our staff at the service desk in the marble hall. The opening hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 17:00.

Kind regards from your reading room service team