FID access to historical British newspapers: The Guardian, The Observer, The New Statesmen and Nation

The Specialised Information Services for Historical Studies and Anglo-American Culture have enabled access to the historical newspapers "The Guardian" (1821 – 2003) and "The Observer" (1791 – 2003), as well as "The New Statesman and Nation" (1913 – 2000) as of 19 September 2018.

Ⓒ ProQuest

Ⓒ ProQuest

The German Association for British Studies and the Centre for British Studies of the Humboldt University of Berlin had pointed out a locational disadvantage for German researchers to the Specialised Information Service, since so far, an insufficient number of licenses had been available at German universities for digitized historical newspaper content from Great Britain, by the exception of the national licenses for "The Times" and "The Financial Times".

Now, the digital archives made accessible via the provider ProQuest increase the content range by the archives of the widely known daily and weekly newspapers from the left-liberal or left range of opinion. For the coming years, the Specialised Information Service is planning negotiations about further licenses, such as for the historically important tabloids from Great Britain.

So far, access to the newspapers mentioned is enabled only in the form of a test access, but is to be transformed into a regular FID license as soon as possible.

If you are interested, you are welcome to register at following a simple procedure. Also further FID licenses can be used after registration. The above newspapers can be found in the product list under the title "Historical Newspapers and Periodicals Archive Online".

Access to the historical British newspapers