Digital archive of the Russian daily "Gudok" accessible Germany-wide free of charge

Published continuously since 1917, "Gudok" is one of the oldest and high-ranking specialist journals in Russia. While it started out with small print runs as a journal dedicated predominantly to topics revolving around the railway industry, the journal evolved in the course of time to become a journal of nation-wide coverage due to its increasing popularity.

Gudok Digital Archive | © East View Information Services

Gudok Digital Archive | © East View Information Services

In addition to industry news, "Gudok" provides important commentaries on the Soviet and Post-Soviet-Russian culture, politics and social issues.

The digitized issues in the amount of 127,957 PDF pages are searchable in full-text mode. The first issue available is from 27 January 1918 (number 2 – 3); the last one is from 28 December 2018 (number 236). The issues still missing are listed in detail on the information pages of the database provider.

The national license for the "Gudok Digital Archive" is provided by the Specialised Information Service for Russian, East and Southeast European Studies.

To learn more about this, please read the blog post in OstBib.

Access is available to registered users of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek via the Database Information System.
The service is accessible free of charge also Germany-wide and at German institutes abroad within the scope of the national license.

Gudok Digital Archive