The Munich Poets’ Association "Die Krokodile" (1857 – 1883)

Inspired by Hermann Lingg's (1820 – 1905) humorous poem "Das Krokodil zu Singapur" ("The crocodile of Singapore"), the association of poets from Munich was called "Das Krokodil" or "Die Krokodile" when it was founded in 1857. In line with this, the symbol of the association was of course a crocodile. A new virtual exhibition at bavarikon now presents a portrait of this poets' society.



It shows works and letters of well-known and less widely known authors, their classical-idealistic artistic claim and the history and impact of the association. The focus of the exhibition is on the members, the sources about the "Crocodiles" and the texts about individual ones of its poets.

[Source: bavarikon newsletter]

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