50th 3D model now online in bavarikon

Art and culture in the 3D format: Since 2013, bavarikon has presented selected exhibits from Bavarian collections in the form of three-dimensional digital copies, thus constituting Germany's first regional portal to offer photo-realistic 3D models interactively on the Internet. Now, a new milestone has been reached. The 50th 3D model has been put online in bavarikon.

Sacramentary of Henry II in 3D | © BSB/ Clm 4456

Philipp Apian: Terrestrial globe in 3D | © BSB/ Cod.icon. 129

The 3D digitization for the cultural portal bavarikon is carried out at the Munich Digitization Center (MDZ) of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek. The specially set up 3D digitization department has the mission to offer an interdisciplinary 3D digitization service for all cultural institutions in Bavaria. The service can be used provided that the expert board of advisers of bavarikon has assessed the object with regard to content, the digitization is technically feasible and the institution is prepared to present the object publicly in bavarikon.

3D models of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek:

Philipp Apian: Terrestrial globe – BSB Cod.icon. 129
Heinrich Arboreus: Celestial globe – BSB Cod.icon. 186
Sacramentary of Henry II – BSB Clm 4456
Tibetan book cover