1.2-millionth book digitized!

The Munich Digitization Center has made the 1.2-millionth work accessible online by digitizing one of the most magnificent books of hours of the school of Ghent-Bruges (Clm 28345). The manuscript with 28 whole-page, 60 half- and quarter-page and smaller miniatures and 24 bas-de-page calendar miniatures can be browsed online in its entirety now.

Book of hours (Livre d'heures), Flemish, late 15th century | © BSB/ Clm 28345

Book of hours (Livre d'heures), Flemish, late 15th century  (Clm 28345)

One of the most beautiful images of this prayer book is the Annunciation on sheet 14v shown here. It was created by an artist belonging to the workshop of the master illuminator of the first prayer book of Emperor Maximilian I. The Annunciation takes place in a church here. Mary, having barely finished praying and still absorbed, is turning to face the youthful angel approaching her from behind from the left. She is holding her prayer book in her right hand. With her left hand, she is communicating with the angel, who holds the herald's staff (caduceus) in one hand, pointing up with his other hand, indicating the dove of the Holy Ghost sending golden rays towards Mary's head.