Facts and Figures 2019


Media holdings (including e-media)33,921,000
Total holdings (volumes)10,885,000
Addition to collection (number of volumes)123,000
Current periodicals (print and electronic)54,400
Historical prints  (1501 – 1800)920,000
Artists' books22,100
Data volume of digitized objects (terabyte)957
Digitized titles2,509,000
Annual downloads of digitized titles2.260,000
Restorations of the patrimony259
Total expenditure (Euro)59.036.000
Expenditure for media acquisition (Euro)13.714.000
Thereof third-party funds for media acquisition (Euro)2.609.000
Acquisition of third-party funds for one-year and multi-year projects (Euro)3.478.000
Current third-party-funded projects34
Full-time equivalents (staff)513
Members of staff (incl. project staff)808
Active users78,600
Loan orders1,173,000
Document delivery orders193,500
Hours of opening per week112
Reader desks1,000
Visits to reading rooms991,000
Information inquiries116,300
Accesses to online catalogue8,178,000
Exhibitions, events32
User trainings, guided library tours433