Consulting Center for Public Libraries

Department head:  Ute Palmer
Deputy department head:  Christin Stegerhoff
Phone:  +49 89 28638-4246
Fax:  +49 89 28638-4971

An overview of the department

Via the state-run Consulting Center (Landesfachstelle), the Free State of Bavaria promotes the establishment and the development of the public libraries in all parts of the state within the meaning of the state development programme. The government support is offered in the form of funding and technical counselling services.

The Consulting Center is subdivided into a center in Munich and branch offices in Nuremberg, Regensburg and Würzburg. The information and counselling services of the center are provided by the individual regional offices for their area of responsibility in each case.

Organisation structure

The regional responsibilities are subdivided as follows:

Munich Consulting Center:  Administrative districts of Upper Bavaria and Swabia
Nuremberg Branch Office:  Administrative districts of Middle Franconia and Upper Franconia
Regensburg Branch Office:  Administrative districts of Lower Bavaria and Upper Palatinate
Würzburg Branch Office:  Administrative district of Lower Franconia

All details can be found via the website of the "Öffentliche Bibliotheken in Bayern (ÖBiB)".
ÖBiB website
Team of the Consulting Center