Department of Manuscripts and Rare Books

Department head:  N. N.
Deputy department head:
Dr. Wolfgang-Valentin Ikas
Phone:  +49 89 28638-2265
Phone:  +49 89 28638-2256
Fax:  +49 89 28638-2266
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An overview of the department

The Department of Manuscripts and Rare Books administrates the most valuable historical holdings of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, which are continuously expanded by further purchases. The treasures of this department secure a place among the world's top libraries for the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek. Such a position implicates special responsibilities concerning both the cataloguing of the precious sources and making them accessible to international research and the public.

Organisation structure


The department is divided into four divisions:

Manuscripts and User Services

Dr. Wolfgang-Valentin Ikas
Phone:  +49 89 28638-2265
Contact User Services, Manuscript Reading Room

Manuscript Cataloguing Center

Birgit Seiderer
Phone:  +49 89 28638-2627
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Further information

Personal Papers and Autographs

Dr. Maximilian Schreiber
Phone:  +49 89 28638-2771
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Early and Rare Printed Books

Dr. Claudia Bubenik
Phone:  +49 89 28638-2261
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Areas of responsibility

Stephanie Düsterhöft
Phone:  +49 89 28638-2258
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Collection of artists' and painters' books, fine press books
Dr. Lilian Landes
Phone:  +49 89 28638-2977
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Printed books published in German-speaking countries in the 16th century (VD 16)
Dr. Ulrike Bayer
Phone:  +49 89 28638-2345 

German ISTC
Gertrud Friedl
Phone:  +49 89 28638-2638