The Communications Department considers its main task to be the continuous endeavour of making the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek and its spectrum of services known to the broad public. Among other things, this task involves working with the press, social media, organizing and managing exhibitions and events, such as papers, lectures, workshops, symposiums or concerts, and managing the library's own publications. All marketing measures of the library are coordinated and organized by the Communications Department. The department also deals with a multiplicity of day-to-day tasks and projects. Since 2015, the department has been the contact point for the association of Sponsors and Friends of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek (Förderer und Freunde der Bayerischen Staatsbibliothek e. V.).

Organisation structure

Peter Schnitzlein
Division Head | Spokesman
Phone:  +49 89 28638-2429
Fax:  +49 89 28638-2116

Irma Bachhammer
Phone:  +49 89 28638-2024
Fax:  +49 89 28638-2116
Principal tasks: Press and marketing bavarikon

Sabine Gottstein
Phone:  +49 89 28638-2980
Fax:  +49 89 28638-2116
Principal tasks: Social media, exhibitions

Alexandra Huber
Phone:  +49 89 28638-2115
Fax:  +49 89 28638-2116
Principal tasks: Assistance, secretariat

Irina Mittag
Phone:  +49 89 28638-2978
Fax:  +49 89 28638-2116
Principal tasks: Publications, internal communication

Ulrike Rehusch
Phone:  +49 89 28638-2057
Fax:  +49 89 28638-2116
Principal tasks: Press, social media, events

Manuela Schmitt
Phone:  +49 89 28638-2887
Fax:  +49 89 28638-2116
Principal tasks: Event management, marketing