User Services

Department head: 
Dr. Berthold Gillitzer
Deputy department head:  N. N.
Phone:  +49 89 28638-2401
Fax:  +49 89 28638-2403

An overview of the department

The fundamental task of the User Services Department is to make the printed literature, digital media and microforms held by the library available to our customers in a suitable manner. The responsibility for the most important research instrument – the OPACplus – and contributing to its constant improvement form part of the core tasks of the department. Interlibrary loan and direct delivery services are central services that are in great demand in Bavaria, Germany and internationally. The department is furthermore in charge of presenting the library in the World Wide Web, and of informing users at the information desks, on the telephone and via an online inquiry service. The comprehensive information offer is rounded off by courses for library users, guided tours of the premises and e-tutorials. Further, the department is responsible for coordinating the reading-room services of the library.

Organisation structure

The department is divided into four divisions:

Information Services and Local Lending

N. N.
Phone:  +49 89 28638-2401

Reading Rooms

Karin Maurer
Phone:  +49 89 28638-2404

Document Delivery and Electronic User Services

Dr. Berthold Gillitzer
Phone:  +49 89 28638-2659

Document Administration

Theodor Bauer
Phone:  +49 89 28638-2104

Staff functions

Project Management:  Ronny Sternecker
Phone:  +49 89 28638-2047

Reading-Room Consultant:  Dr. Christina Scherer
Phone:  +49 89 28638-2305

Mass Digitization:  Michael Stuck
Phone:  +49 89 28638-2631