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Document delivery and IT applications

One of the essential tasks of the library in view of its function as a central state library and part of the German National Library is the delivery of documents, no matter whether in the form of article copies, the original work or a copy of a copyright-free work.
The delivery of documents can in principle be carried out in two ways:
1. Via interlibrary loan:  
  • The  interlibrary loan system serves for delivering literature for scholarly work, professional use, education and training which is not available at a user's local library. The delivery of literature via interlibrary loan is available to users of the member libraries of the system. The interlibrary loan procedures of the member libraries are subject to the Interlibrary Loan Code (Leihverkehrsverordnung, LVO of 2003) and the international interlibrary loan regulations. Interlibrary loan is subject to a small fee, however which does not cover the actual cost incurred by far. The Bayerische Staatsbibliothek delivers by far the most books in Bavaria. Likewise, any literature which is not available in Munich is procured from other libraries via interlibrary loan. 
  • WorldCat Resource Sharing is an international interlibrary loan association. Via WorldCat Resource Sharing a part of the collections of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek can be ordered for worldwide delivery to one of the member libraries. At the same time literature that is not available in Munich and that cannot be provided by any other German library, can be procured by employees of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek via WorldCat Resource Sharing. Since the libraries taking part in WorldCat Resource Sharing can determine their own delivery conditions, the delivery paths and fees may differ depending on the library providing the ordered items.
2. Via direct delivery services:
  •  Subito is a fast and fee-based document delivery service for articles and books from libraries located in the German language area.
  • The  document delivery service "Old Book"offers copies from newspapers or from old and rare printed works at its own terms and conditions. Such old books are as a rule works in need of special care when producing copies or works published before 1850.
  •  eBooks on Demand is a fee-based document delivery service for complete electronic copies of copyright-free books.
This division of the library is in charge of maintaining all the usage-relevant parts of our library system (OPACplus and order client) and of maintaining the electronic media in a usage-oriented fashion (database information system and electronic journals library). Of course also the software of the document delivery system is maintained by this division