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Collection of Maps

The continuously supplemented collection of maps comprises printed maps (single-sheet maps and cartographic works consisting of several sheets) from the year of publication 1500 up to today (approximately 390,000 items in 2008), atlases and selected cartographic literature (approximately 12,500 in 2008).
Printed maps and vedutas of the 16th up to the first half of the 19th century of a high artistic quality form the most valuable part of the collection. More than 75,000 single-sheet maps and sheets in atlases of the publication period of 1501 to 1850 have already been catalogued and can be researched in online catalogues. Moreover, about 200 earlier topographies containing town views are still evaluated retrospectively for online cataloguing.
Generally all maps, atlases and topographic literature can be searched in the library's  Online Catalogue as well as in the special catalogues of the department. There are additional, geographic-alphabetical lists containing the titles of 782, partly still continued, topographic map series from abroad and of selected national atlases from all over the world. These lists are available in the Department of Maps and Images.
The collections can be used in the Reading Room, which also offers a reference library with 7,500 volumes. For reasons of conservation maps and atlases are not available for home lending.
Geographical locations in Bavaria can be searched in the  Location Database set up within the framework of the digitisation project "Bavarian Regional Library Online". The database contains information on 41,994 locations in Bavaria.