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Foschungsdokumentation Handschriften
(Research Documentation Manuscripts)

0 Research documentation of the collections of the Department of Manuscripts going back to the 19th century
The BSB has documented research publications on the collections of the Department of Manuscripts since approximately 1950. The documentation is  based on offprints and statutory copies sent in by authors or publishers as well as a systematic review of books and numerous periodicals acquired for the reference library of the department; entire databases and the periodicals contained therein have been exploited since 2009. Publications documented are not limited by date; even articles and books published in the 19th century are included. In the year 2003, the card catalogue ("Literaturkatalog" - "literature catalogue") was replaced by a database that is being updated [ Tips for Database Research]. The approximately 109,000 catalogue cards with 113,000 entries were integrated in the database by scanning the cards and inputting the search terms. The project was financed by the  Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Foundation). In addition, we also provide electronic access to the old literature catalogue as an image catalogue for browsing [ How to use the Image Catalogue].
Even though we are doing our best to keep our academic references as completely as possible there are still (and always will be) publications that are not mentioned in the database. If you are aware of such an instance you are more than welcome to provide us with the respective piece(s) of information by using the  form attached. Your help is very much appreciated!