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E-Books - Collection and Use
Since electronic periodicals have long taken hold, also the market for digital books is enjoying a tendency of growth.

The Bayerische Staatsbibliothek is doing justice to these developments and is increasingly also buying licenses for scientific e-books, collections of texts and documents and electronic reference works.
How to locate e-books or collections of e-books
  • Electronic books are catalogued and indexed in the  OPACplus.
    Please note that it may take some time until titles from newly acquired collections are entered in the catalogue.
  • An  overview of the e-book collections for which the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek holds licenses is available via our website. In this list it is also marked which e-book collections are already catalogued in the OPACplus, rendering individual titles searchable.
  • An overview of the e-book collections is also retrievable in the  Database Information System (DBIS) by entering "ebooks" in the input box "Schnelle Suche" ("Quick Search"). Please note that the titles of individual electronic books are not searchable in the DBIS. 
Advantages of E-Books from the Perspective of Use
  •  Registered library users in the greater Munich area can use e-books at any time from home. In many cases national licenses also allow a Germany-wide use.
  • No waiting periods caused by ordering items from stack
  • Simultaneous use by several readers is possible
  • Titles can be searched in the OPACplus (especially important concerning parallel issues of printed works; titles are updated continuously).
  • Across-the-board search within e-book collections is possible
  • Texts can be comfortably read, browsed and edited on the screen
  • Parts of the e-books can be printed, stored and edited
  • Links (e.g. to cited URLs)
  • Personalisation functions
  • Frequent updates render the collections more topical