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Online Enquiry Service

Our Online Enquiry Service is part of the global information service  QuestionPoint. Your query is usually answered by the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek. In the individual cases where this is not possible your query is forwarded to the worldwide network, on condition that you agreed to the forwarding in the online form. QuestionPoint is an international network of libraries, in which incoming enquiries are distributed and answered in accordance with the competency profiles of the member libraries.
Whenever possible, you will receive a response to a general question at once, or within five working days at the latest. As a rule, subject-related questions are answered within five working days.
We respond to all enquiries by e-mail. Additionally, upon sending off your first completed query form, a password-protected QuestionPoint account is opened for you, where you can check the processing status of your query at any time. The password and the Internet address of your personal account are also sent to you by e-mail.
Please note:
We do not prepare any literature lists or translations and we do not provide any juridical or medical advice!