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Census of Incunabula for Germany
Description of Project
The "Inkunabel-Census für Deutschland" (Census of incunabula for Germany) was established in 1988 at the BSB as the German branch of the Incunabula Short Title Catalogue (ISTC). The aim of the project initiated by the British Library, London, is to set up and continuously extend the ISTC database, in which all printed materials of the 15th century are entered, encompassing a brief description, holdings records of all known specimens worldwide and records of digital copies. The database with the dataset of 1998 is available on CD-ROM, also containing digital images of key pages ( IISTC). The freely accessible and regularly updated online version also contains information on digital reproductions of incunabula which are available on the Internet:
The Munich ISTC office integrates the incunabula comprised in German collections in the ISTC database. Further information on the current processing state of German collections of incunabula (December 2012) is available  here (PDF file, 349 KB).